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Our newest exhibit, KALEIDOSCAPE, recently opened in the outdoor Surprise Garden.  Vibrant colors and rich textures engage children and inspire them to climb, swing and experience this innovative new exhibit.  The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem is the first location in the United States to host a crocheted wonder from renowned artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam.

Climbing Lobby


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Kids love to scramble and crawl over the wavy platforms of the Lucky Climber as their caregivers check in at the Welcome Desk. After exploring the first floor, the climbing adventures continue as the kids scale the Beanstalk Climber, leaf by leaf, to the second floor.

Amazing Library


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Filled with child-sized tables and comfortable seating, we encourage you to take a break during your museum visit to snuggle up and enjoy a book with your child. Staff-led story times are a regular feature of this area. Look for the crayon wall mural depicting schools, local landmarks, and storybook characters.

Build it!


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Use the oversized blocks to create race cars, ball tracks, and forts. Launch a parachute. Construct a building with magnetized blocks. This area also contains an infant/toddler space with soft building blocks and push button sounds of a hammer and drill.

The Enchanted Forest


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A forest village of folklore, fantasy and fairy tales. The gallery contains over a dozen imaginative play stations including the Three Billy Goats Gruff’s bridge; the Three Bears Cabin; the Forest Babies Nursery, and River Runs Through It row boat.

Animal Alphabet


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A gallery filled with large-scale alphabet sculptures provides the chance for visitors to explore letters up-close. One of the most beloved letters is “V,” for a vet’s office where young visitors tend to stuffed animals in need of some TLC.

Amazing Airways


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Kids make predictions and test their hypothesis as they switch the knobs to change the pathway the scarves take as they zip through the tubes. Then they squeal and jump to catch the scarves flying through the air before running back to the start to do it all over again!

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Factory


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This child-sized factory encourages children to enjoy cooperative play and discovery. Send the doughnuts up the conveyor belt. Collect the finished doughnuts in boxes and take them to the delivery truck. Nearby is a padded “Baby Doughnut” to contain small ones who want to play while their siblings are making doughnuts.

Food Lion Supermarket


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Fill a grocery cart with packaged goods; hunt for the freshest fruits and veggies; make sandwiches in the deli; sniff spices; and learn all about healthy food choices in this bright space for all ages.

Art Studio


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The Art Studio is designed to encourage families to make and explore art together. Supplies and suggested activities are provided daily until 30 minutes before the Museum closes.